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You have a part to play

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Working in science at Radboud University

A world from which we demand more and more requires people who can make a contribution. Critical thinkers who will take a closer look at what is really important. People who wish to work together with their colleagues and with experts from other disciplines, in an open and safe environment where creativity and initiative are valued. Our modern, sustainable campus is compact and our work environment is informal. This means that your colleagues are all within easy reach, both literally and figuratively. And our facilities offer you the scope to put your ideas to the test and push your boundaries.

"Because of the interesting research, the constant innovation and friendly atmosphere, I’m excited to progress in this unique environment." Nikhil Seeja Sivakumar - PhD candidate at the Scanning Probe Microscopy department

Impact through research

What is good research to you? For us, this means discovering, digging, collaborating, discussing and inspiring. You can judge us by our world-renowned research facilities and institutes such as the HFML-FELIX or the Donders Institute. But why not simply judge us by our science? By the knowledge we acquire through interdisciplinary collaboration and by the impact this has on humans and the world.

Find out more about working in science (our research, testimonials, doing a PhD) at Radboud University.


Two Utrecht projects received funding within National Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL

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How do we ensure that we can reuse plastic packaging material? Or how can dyes in PET bottles be reused and contribute to making plastics circular? Two research projects within the Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis Group at Utrecht University will start within the Making plastics circular: technical innovations programme, which is part of the National Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL. Six million euros were divided over ten projects in total, and all studies will last five years.

Currently, 15 percent of the one million tonnes of discarded plastics produced annually in the Netherlands are recycled at high quality. The goal is for all plastics to be recycled by 2030 and production to be fully circular by 2050. With the National Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL, the Dutch government is investing in bottlenecks to close the cycles for existing plastics, provide sustainable growth opportunities for the Dutch economy and use subsidies to accelerate the transition.

Read more about the Utrecht University projects that have received funding via this UU-webpage.