About SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

SRON’s mission is to bring about breakthroughs in international scientific research from space. SRON develops groundbreaking technology and advanced space instruments with which the institute can carry out astrophysical, atmospheric, and exoplanetary research. As a national expertise institute, SRON advises the government and coordinates Dutch scientific contributions to international space missions. SRON encourages the use of space technology in society.

Global expertise institute

SRON brings together expertise from research, technology and instrument development to accomplish its mission. The institute aspires to act as PI-institute for the development of state-of-the-art satellite instruments for spacebased research missions. SRON’s projects are realized in international consortia with partners from scientific institutes and industry, and are commissioned by space agencies such as ESA, NASA, JAXA or the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). In addition, SRON works in close collaboration with Dutch universities, partly via more shared appointments at universities and intensive collaboration during the development of new technology. Furthermore, the institute wants to collaborate with industry as much as possible and wants to encourage the transfer of knowledge to industry and society. SRON is primarily involved with the Dutch top sector High-Tech Systems and Materials. 

Fostering talent

The 190 or so employees of SRON form a melting pot of top scientists, technicians, and professionals of various nationalities and ages. Based on their expertise, they inspire each other to achieve top performances. Employees have tenured and temporary contracts, or work on a project basis. SRON’s personnel policy is aimed at fostering its employees’ talents. That is realized through education and training programs, grants, and special rewards. SRON offers appropriate training courses to maintain the development of its employees, such as project management or a language course in Dutch and/or English. More specialized training courses are organized within the groups.

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research was founded in 1983 as Stichting Ruimte Onderzoek Nederland. SRON is part of NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO. NWO-I is an independent foundation, that belongs to the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). SRON has an annual budget of approximately 20 million euros and is the national centre of expertise for space research in the Netherlands.

SRON has two laboratories: in Utrecht and Groningen.

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