Learn more about a career in research and higher education in the Netherlands by joining our free webinars. Every three months we host a webinar in order to provide you with career tips and information about the Dutch scientific landscape. 

18 september 2019 - Webinar how to use linkedin as an academic

Do you have a LinkedIn profile and is it up to date? LinkedIn is widely used amongst employers and employees in the Netherlands. During this webinar we will show you for what purposes you can use LinkedIn and how to stand out.

5 june 2019 - webinar things you need to know when applying for a job

Are you ready for your next step? In this webinar we provide you with lots of tips when applying for a job. You will also learn how to write an academic CV and cover letter. Watch the webinar now:

6 March 2019 - Webinar PhD in the Netherlands

Considering a PhD in the Netherlands? In this webinar we answer the following questions: what is a PhD? What is a PhD in the Netherlands? Why a PhD in the Netherlands? Where to find PhD opportunities? How to get a PhD? If you have a PhD, what's next? Watch it now: