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The UMC Utrecht is about people. Obviously for our patients and students, but also for our employees. With over a 1,100 beds and more than 12,000 employees the University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest academic centers in the Netherlands. Patient care and biomedical research are closely linked, which creates an environment where scientific advancements quickly move from bench to bedside. Advancements that improve patients lives and that matter internationally.

UMC Utrecht as a good employer

As you become familiar with UMC Utrecht, you will quickly discover that we are much more than just a hospital. Working in an academic setting means operating in breeding grounds for innovation. Health care, education and research are all integrated into a single organization. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join our growing team.

  • The UMC Utrecht employs its staff in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for University Medical Centres (Cao umc).
  • Benefits voor staff. Nothing but the best for our UMC Utrecht employees. Apart from excellent working conditions, we offer all kinds of benefits.
  • Day-care centre. The day-care centre offers day-care to fifty-three children each day in the age category zero to four years old.
  • Annual holiday allowance of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%.
  • Employees are entitled to 9% paid leave.
  • Housing for employees. Many people like to live in Utrecht, it is not easy to find good housing. The UMC Utrecht has accommodation available for new employees, for a limited time and usually only suitable for one person. There is often a waiting list.

Talent development for scientists


Since 2021 we started with a specific talent policy for scientists. Part of this policy are the talent programs we developed for PhD-students, post-doc/assistant professors, associate and new full professors.

With these talent programs we support talented (young) researchers in building their academic career. We define talent not only on the basis of measurable research output, but also based on ones contribution to Open Science, (team)leadership, valorisation and societal impact.

In the selection for the programs we take gender diversity and the cultural/international background of participants into account. All programs focus on getting to know oneself, ones ambitions and skills on how to get there. Recognition and Rewards and Open Science underline all content of the programs.

"Because everyone is in the same career phase, there are many useful exchanges. And it is a great opportunity to build a diverse network." "The program offers opportunity for your vision and ambition, something we simply do not get around to in everyday life. That's very pleasant."

— Participants about the talent programs for academics


With over a 1,100 beds and more than 12,000 employees the University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest academic centers in the Netherlands. UMC Utrecht is one of the top-ranked academic medical centers in Europe and offers interesting career opportunities. Patient care and biomedical research are closely linked. Partners, for example the Hubrecht Institute, can be found at close distance of UMC Utrecht. Collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Science of Utrecht University shows the relationship between animal and human health and the environment.

Much more than just a hospital

​Six strategic ​research programs

In the UMC Utrecht research is concentrated in six strategic programs with each a limited number of disease targets. Patient care is integrated in these programs. A relentless multidisciplinary approach guarantees patients benefit from the latest available expertise and innovative technological solutions.

  • Brain focuses on stroke, neuro-oncology, neuromuscular and developmental disorders, and genetic risks.
  • Infection & Immunity is aimed at preventing inflammation and antimicrobial resistance, elucidating host-pathogen interactions and developing immune-mediated therapy.
  • Circulatory Health focuses on heart failure, high risk & prevention, atherosclerosis, aneuryms and cerebrovascular disease.
  • Cancer encompasses risk stratification for individualized interventions, image science and image-guided interventions, and molecular and cellular science and therapy.
  • Regenerative Medicine aims to address global health care problems by replacing, engineering and regenerating human cells, tissues and organs.
  • Child Health combines research in chronic inflammation, respiratory infections, orphan diseases and fertility interventions.

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