Post-doc B cell differentiation

Post-doc B cell differentiation

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20 Nov 15 Dec Amsterdam

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Job description

Sanquin Research’s Department of Immunopathology is looking for a highly motivated and ambitious immunologist.

The post-doc position is part of the Target-to-B! consortium, which is national consortium funded by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health and the Dutch Collaborative Health Funds. The involvement and role of B cells and antibodies in the development of autoimmunity and cancer will be studied in a disease-overarching approach by several leading groups in the Netherlands.
The post-doc will investigate the routes of B cell differentiation towards formation of short-lived and long-lived plasma cells, in continuation of our ongoing research line. Plasma cell differentiation is being investigated using a combination of defined in vitro differentiation systems and ex vivo analyses of human blood and tissues and involve single cell RNAseq analyses and subsequent biomarker mining. The goal is to be able to identify and B cell differentiation and (pre-)plasma cell subsets and to analyze their functional potential in healthy persons upon vaccination and in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases that show B cell involvement.

Research groups

The B cell Research group investigates the regulation T cell-dependent B cell differentiation and antigen-specific IgG responses. The group is part of the Department of Immunopathology in the Division Research of Sanquin. The department comprises 40-50 people (postdocs, PhD-students, undergraduate students and technicians) that all work on related research topics.


Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation (Sanquin)


We request

  • PhD in immunology;
  • Passion for research in human cellular immunology;
  • Experience with primary cell cultures and multi-color flowcytometry;
  • Affinity with big data analyses/bioinformatics is pre;
  • Good command of written and spoken English;
  • Team player with good communication skills.

Conditions of employment

We offer

A unique research opportunity in a dynamic environment in an area where data science, clinical epidemiology and quality management meet.
In addition:

  • Challenging project in a multi-disciplinary and enthusiastic team;
  • A project involving fundamental and translational research
  • Temporary position for the duration of 2.5 years; 36 hours a week;
  • Participation in large national consortium involving partners with divers expertises, ranging from basic immunology to clinical therapy
  • Salary and conditions are conform CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) Sanquin.
  • 8,33% end-of-year bonus; i.e. a thirteenth month in case of full-year employment;
  • Partial reimbursement of travel costs;
  • Pension plan with Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PFZW);
  • At fulltime employment (36 hours) 201 hours of leave per annum.



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  • Postdoc positions; Research, Development, Innovation
  • Health
  • max. 36 hours per week, temporary
  • Doctorate
  • AT 1505


Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation (Sanquin)

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