Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values and Project Decisions for Sustainability

Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values and Project Decisions for Sustainability

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18 Nov 5 Jan Delft

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Job description

This tenure track position focusses on the education of architects, urban planners and building scientists, to empower them with the needed knowledge, skills and attitude, to better develop and control the values influencing project decisions, towards greater heritage conservation and sustainability. To fit within the section Heritage & Architecture in general and the chair of Heritage & Values in particular, a complementary ability to bridge qualitative and quantitative approaches is needed. Within the context of Heritage & Values, easily switching between education programs in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Technology is wanted. The candidate will also help to develop a new, education inspired, research line in one or more of the following areas:

  • Heritage, Values and Education (e.g. architects, engineers, urban planners, real estate managers);
  • Heritage, Values and Project decisions (e.g. conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, renovation, recycling, relocation, deconstruction, demolition);
  • Heritage, Values and Sustainability (e.g. social, historic, political, age, aesthetical, scientific, ecological and economic).   


Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)


Our students and professionals are creative and unconventional thinkers, and combine academic skills with practical knowledge. Due to the expanding activities of the faculty, we are creating ten new tenure track assistant professor positions. The emphasis of these positions is on education and design, with a strong link to academic research.The assistant professors will teach classes in the Bachelor’s programme as well as in the Master’s and in the PhD programme, according to their individual interests. We are looking for new colleagues whose ambitions resonate with our profile. As such, this is an open invitation for candidates to share their ambitions with us on (design) education, innovative academic research and societal impact.

The applicant should:

  • hold a PhD degree in heritage studies, architecture, urban planning or real estate and management;
  • have a strong background, experience and expertise in research-based education in heritage studies, complementing the existing chairs’ expertise;
  • have an interest in combining qualitative and quantitative approaches;
  • have excellent teaching experience at university level and demonstrable didactic abilities;
  • have excellent research skills, evidenced by a track record of publications in conferences and journals, and contributed and/or invited talks at conferences/workshops.

Knowledge of Dutch is welcome, but not required at the start of the position.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: Tenure Track.

A tenure-track position is offered for six years. Based on performance indicators agreed upon at the start of the appointment, a decision will be made by the fifth year whether to offer you a permanent faculty position. For circumstances as having children or parental leave during the tenure track, it is possible to delay the definitive assessment and extend the Tenure Track appointment to a maximum of 8 years.

The TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, a discount for health insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules can be arranged.

Coming to Delft Service and Partner Career Advice can support with advice for you and your accompanying partner about your individual settling needs in the Netherlands. Once arrived you can be supported with individual consults and diverse workshops. Located on campus are the International Children’s Centre and an international primary school which are subject to availability as well as several bilingual schools in the nearby surrounding. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

The TU Delft sets specific standards for the English competency of the teaching staff. The TU Delft offers training to improve English competency.

Inspiring, excellent education is our central aim. If you have less than five years of experience and do not yet have your teaching certificate, you get the chance to obtain this within three years.


Technische Universiteit Delft

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is a multifaceted institution offering education and carrying out research in the technical sciences at an internationally recognised level. Education, research and design are strongly oriented towards applicability. TU Delft develops technologies for future generations, focusing on sustainability, safety and economic vitality. At TU Delft you will work in an environment where technical sciences and society converge. TU Delft comprises eight faculties, unique laboratories, research institutes and schools.


Faculty Architecture & the Built Environment

The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has a leading role in education and research worldwide. The driving force behind the faculty’s success is its robust research profile combined with the passion and creativity of its student body and academic community. It is a place that is buzzing with life from early in the morning until late at night, with four thousand people studying, working, designing, conducting research and acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Academics and students have been working on improving the built environment with the help of a broad set of disciplines, including architectural design, urban planning, building technology, social sciences, process management, and geo-information science. The faculty works closely with other faculties, universities, private parties, and the public sector, and has an extensive network in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

The department of Architectural Engineering + Technology provides education and conducts research at an internationally competitive level of excellence in the fields of architecture and architectural design. Education and research are closely interconnected by the perspective of social relevance. Around 100 employees are involved in research and education. A number of academics with a renowned design practice are also linked to the department.

The Chair of Heritage and Values focuses on further understanding the values that define heritage, such as cultural, social, ecological, and economic; and how they impact the sustainability of cities. One of the main goals is to define, develop, and test new integrated assessment frameworks to better monitor and strengthen heritage conservation worldwide.



  • Professor; Associate professor; Assistant professor; Lecturer
  • Engineering
  • 36—40 hours per week
  • €3637—€4978 per month
  • Doctorate
  • BK2019/35


Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

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