Professor Radiochemistry

Professor Radiochemistry

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21 Feb 12 Mar Nijmegen

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Job description

The candidate will play a central role in connecting radiochemistry, the cyclotron facility, the preclinical medical imaging center PRIME, and the clinical medical imaging group. Additionally, the candidate will further strengthen the collaboration with the organic chemists at the Faculty of Science, and potentially also with the researchers at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. The chairholder will mainly provide education in the context of elective courses in the Master's phase of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Biology, Molecular Life Sciences and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.


Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc)


We are looking for a leading expert in 18F and 11C chemistry with a strong track record in developing and testing new tracers in animal models that are further translated into application in clinical patient care. It is not necessary to restrict the medical field of interest as long as it includes oncology, inflammation/immunology, or neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • You have excellent leadership skills: your work vision is based on giving and taking space and responsibility, openness, making clear agreements, holding eachother accountable, connecting and sincere attention; you enable talents in the department to flourish.
  • You are an effective communicator and connector, have an extensive network and are adept at initiating sustainable networks, both internal (with the research institutes, research themes, and departments within Radboud university medical center) and external.
  • You have a strategic vision (of your profession); you share this vision and make decisions.
  • You promote the ambition to bring the department to the top as leading figure and ambassador.
  • You are focused on innovation; you spot opportunities and support initiatives to develop new, medically relevant technology/innovations that connect to the strengths of Radboud university medical center and personalized healthcare.
  • You have an excellent academic track record in tracer development, both preclinically and translationally, and you are internationally authoritative.
  • You have > 10 years experience in Radiopharmaceutical chemistry.
  • You have experience with and are demonstrably successful in independently initiating, setting up, and conducting scientific research, and you are familiar with raising funds for research.
  • You meet the Radboud university medical center criteria for "Principal Investigator", or can comply within 5 years.
  • You are an inspiring lecturer with a demonstrable affinity with and experience in education.

Conditions of employment

Upon commencement of employment we require a certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) and there will be, depending on the type of job, a screening based on the provided cv. Radboud university medical center's HR Department will apply for this certificate on your behalf.

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The Radiology and Nuclear Medicine department at Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen is engaged in medical imaging and treatment of different conditions. Within Radiology, different medical imaging techniques, such as X-ray (both conventional and using CT equipment), ultrasound, and nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), are used to diagnose disease. Interventional radiological treatments are conducted as well. In the area of Nuclear Medicine, research is conducted with radioactive substances to create visual references of diverse biological processes and any deviations using molecular (bio)markers. This medical imaging provides a more functional insight into the condition's processes than conventional CT, ultrasound, and MR imaging. Nuclear Medicine at the Radboudumc focuses mainly on oncological diagnostics, but also on the diagnostics of inflammations, metabolic diseases, and brain-related disorders. In addition, and specifically in oncology, these diagnostics are combined with therapy ("theranostics") in which the radioactive tracer directly destroys the cancer cell. For example, this is implemented for prostate and thyroid cancer.

Radboudumc strives to be a leading developer of sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare to improve the health and wellbeing of people and society in the Netherlands and beyond. This is the core of our mission: To have a significant impact on healthcare. To get a better picture of what this entails, check out our strategy.

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  • Professor; Associate professor; Assistant professor; Lecturer
  • Health
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • €6536—€8638 per month
  • Doctorate
  • 116405-P600506-1


Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc)

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