Postdoc position in Immunology of Vaccinations

Postdoc position in Immunology of Vaccinations

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16 Jul 2 Aug Groningen

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Job description

Thorough understanding of viral and immune processes is important for the development and refinement of effective vaccines as well as other interventions that may improve protection against viral disease. The candidate will perform translational research focused on the interaction of viruses and the immune system with the aim to understand the mechanisms of viral immunity and immune pathogenesis and identify correlates of protection for specific viral infections, amongst which chronic herpesviruses, that can be used to monitor specific immune response during disease (for example after transplantation) and after vaccination. In addition, immunological studies will be performed in different population based cohort studies and vaccination studies to identify viral and immunological biomarkers associated with vulnerability for infectious diseases (such as influenza) and lower response to vaccination. This will aid in the identification and protection of vulnerable groups, including elderly. Novel techniques that will give insight into biological age as well as local immune responses will be a focus of the research.


University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)


We are looking for a candidate with a PhD in Immunology and a strong interest in T cell immunology in relation to age and infectious diseases, evidenced by previous research on immune ageing, viral infections and vaccination. You will apply innovative methodology to understand biological ageing and study local immune responses using both well implemented immunological technologies to assess T cell immunity as well as novel omics based approaches. Candidates with experience in novel data analysis approaches including using R will receive advantaged consideration. You will work closely with a technician and PhD students to study the impact of age and intrinsic (frailty) an extrinsic (infection with chronic herpesviruses) factors on specific immune responses in collaboration with international partners. Previous experience with supervision of technicians and PhD students as well as grant writing is an advantage.

Specific requirements:
- A PhD in immunology.
- Strong affinity with human cellular immunology, specifically T cell immunology.
- At least 2-3 years of postdoctoral experience.
- Applicants with post-doctoral experience abroad are encouraged to apply.
- Experience with primary cell cultures, functional immunological T-cell assays and multi-colour flow cytometry.
- Experience with multiplex assays and (functional) antibody assays is desirable.
- Experience with novel data analysis approaches using R is an advantage.
- Excellent skills in English (speech and writing).
- Teamplayer with excellent communication skills.
- Innovative in scientific questions, presentation and publication.

The UMCG has a preventive Hepatitis B policy. The UMCG can provide you with the vaccination, should it be required for your position.

In case of specific professions a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ is required.

Conditions of employment

A dynamic position in an enthusiastic team with dedicated researchers for the duration of three years with the possibility of extension contingent upon performance and available funding.

Your salary will be a maximum of € 5.383,- gross per month (scale 11), depending on your qualifications and relevant experience, based on a full-time appointment. In addition, the UMCG will offer you 8% holiday pay and 8.3% end-of-year bonus. The terms of employment comply with the Collective Labour Agreement for Medical Centers (CAO-UMC).

More information
For more information contact Prof. Dr. Debbie van Baarle, group leader Immunology of Vaccinations. e-mail: (please do not use e-mail address for applications), phone: 06-5513 2057.


Department Medical Microbiology & Infection prevention

The department of Medical Microbiology & Infection prevention is responsible for patient specific laboratory diagnostics, teaching and research in the area of virology, bacteriology, mycology and parasitology. For the research group Immunology of Vaccinations, the Department is looking for a postdoc in the field of immunology of infectious diseases, specifically with expertise on adaptive immunity to virus infections to investigate virus-host interactions in the context of healthy ageing and vaccination and unravel novel biomarkers for vaccination response and immune signatures related to (un)healthy ageing.


  • Postdoc; Research, development, innovation
  • Health
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • max. €3922 per month
  • Doctorate
  • 200398


University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)

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