Postdoctoral Researcher on Law, Governance and Constitutionalism in the Anthropocene

Postdoctoral Researcher on Law, Governance and Constitutionalism in the Anthropocene

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21 Apr 14 May Tilburg

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 14 May 2021).

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Tilburg Law School is looking for a talented postdoctoral researcher with a research background in issues of law, governance and/or constitutionalism in the context of the Anthropocene, with a preferred start date of 1 September 2021.

Job description

The research team on Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene is hiring a postdoctoral researcher to join their team. This research team, initiated in 2019, draws together a diverse group of experts with backgrounds in legal philosophy, constitutional law, environmental law, international and European law, and public administration, to pursue cross-cutting questions about the consequences that the Anthropocene poses to law and legal institutions, as well as the role that law has held in facilitating and potentially transforming Anthropocene’s societies. It includes conceptual and normative veins of research about the normativity of ‘nature’ and future generations, and the epistemic and ontological dimensions of representation in the Anthropocene. Additionally, the team pursues research about the role of emergent technologies, including genetic modification technologies, climate engineering, citizen sensing technologies, artificial intelligence, and Big Data, and the frameworks of accountability and regulatory oversight required for their effective and equitable use. Finally, the role of law and governance institutions is called into question by the team’s research, including the historic role of law in facilitating the conditions of the Anthropocene, institutional architectures that are capable of operating in the context of fundamental uncertainties, and avenues through which governance institutions can adapt and transform. 


We are looking for a talented postdoctoral candidate with a research background on issues of law, governance and constitutionalism in the context of the Anthropocene. The selected candidate is expected to independently conduct high-quality research for publication in internationally leading peer-reviewed journals, building on their existing expertise (70% of the appointment). In addition, the candidate will be expected to contribute to the management tasks of the research team, for example by maintaining the project’s website, organizing and hosting joint research events, developing grant applications in collaboration with other colleagues, and initiating collaboration among researchers within and beyond Tilburg (20% of the appointment). Finally, the candidate will have the possibility to engage in limited teaching activities in the field of their expertise (10% of the appointment).  



Tilburg University


Tilburg University believes that academic excellence is achieved through the combination of outstanding research and education, in which social impact is made by sharing knowledge. In doing so, we recognize that excellence is not only achieved through individual performance, but mostly through team effort in which each team member acts as a leader connecting people. 

Candidates for this position should be able to demonstrate fulfillment of the following job requirements:

  • Proficient in conducting research in the English language;
  • Completed a PhD degree in law or a related field;
  • Capable of conducting high-quality disciplinary or interdisciplinary research on issues of law, governance and/or constitutionalism in the Anthropocene;
  • Established a personal research network corresponding to their expertise;
  • Demonstrates scientific integrity;
  • Capable of working collaboratively on research activities;
  • Contributes to an open and diversified culture of experience.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: 40 months.

Tilburg University offers excellent terms of employment. We believe flexibility, development, and good employee benefits are very important. We make clear agreements on career paths and offer all kinds of facilities and schemes to maintain an optimum balance between work and private life. Tilburg University fosters diversity and inclusion; that is why we pursue an active policy for inclusive teams where diverse talents can flourish.

The starting gross salary varies between €3.746 and €5.127 per month (full time) based on scale 11 of the Collective Labor Agreement Dutch Universities. Tilburg University actively promotes equal and transparent salary between men and women by strictly applying predetermined parameters based on the candidate’s experience. Employees recruited from abroad may be eligible for the 30% tax facility- this means that 30% of your salary will be paid as a tax-free reimbursement.

Tilburg University offers you an employment agreement for a fixed period of 40 months (3 years and 4 months) and 1,0 fte (40 hours per week). 

You are entitled to a holiday allowance amounting to 8% and a year-end bonus of 8.3% of your gross yearly income. If you work 40 hours per week, you receive 41 days of paid recreational leave per year.

Please visit Working at Tilburg University for more information on our employment conditions. 


Tilburg University

Under the motto of ‘Understanding society’, Tilburg University’s more than 1,500 employees develop knowledge, transfer it to others, and bring people from various disciplines and organizations together. In this way, we want to contribute to solving complex social issues. Our focus areas are economics, business and entrepreneurship, social and behavioral sciences, law and public administration, the humanities and digital sciences, and theology. Tilburg University is internationally known for its high standards in education and scientific research, as well as its good support facilities. 


Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School (TLS) is a modern and specialized university. With a broad variety of international programmes and innovating research, the Tilburg Law School stands for high quality. Research at the Tilburg Law School is conducted in an organisation that fosters diversity. The Tilburg Graduate Law School is responsible for the training and guidance of its Research Master students and of the Faculty’s PhD researchers. With its open and inspiring atmosphere, this school is a congenial working environment.


  • Postdoc
  • Law
  • max. 40 hours per week
  • €3746—€5127 per month
  • Doctorate
  • 17409



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