Postdoctoral position in transfusion medicine

Postdoctoral position in transfusion medicine

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30 May 30 Jun Amsterdam

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 30 Jun 2022).

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Sanquin Research is looking for a postdoctoral researcher for a project to lower iron toxicity of transfusion products through selective removal of damaged donor RBC.

Job description

We offer an interesting postdoc position under good supervision in a scientifically oriented setting. Sanquin is a leading research institute in the field of hematology and immunology.

What you will do 

During storage of RBCs under the standard blood bank conditions, several reversible and irreversible changes occur in the donor RBC. Although these changes, which are largely comparable to in vivoageing, are prevented as much as possible by cold storage and the use of an appropriate storage medium, the percentage of RBCs that is lost during the first 24 hrs after transfusion can go up to 25% of the total number of donor RBCs. This degradation of donor RBCs has a large impact on the iron status of the recipient, as up to 62.5 mg of iron may have to be processed by the body during the first 24 hrs after transfusion. Within this project you will develop an affinity-based method to remove these storage-aged donor RBC immediately before transfusion. The purpose of this approach is to diminish iron-loading of chronically transfused patients, which are often already at risk of developing iron overload due to their underlying disease. You will be responsible for the generation of the required ligands and the coupling of these ligands to transfusion-compatible carrier material. 


Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation (Sanquin)


We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher with good communication skills and an affinity with translational research 

  • A PhD degree in biology, (bio)molecular/biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences or equivalent. 
  • experience in molecular biology will be a competitive advantage; 
  • an independent, responsible and team-oriented candidate; 
  • good communication and writing skills in English.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: - temporary position (project duration of 3 years);.

Our offer 

  • a challenging translational project in a multi-disciplinary and enthusiastic international team;
  • temporary position (project duration of 3 years); 
  • salary and conditions are conform CAO Sanquin; 
  • 8.33% end-of-year bonus; i.e. a thirteenth month in case of full-year employment; 
  • partial reimbursement of travel costs;
  • pension plan with Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PFZW); 
  • at fulltime employment (36 hours) 201 hours of leave per annum. 



The mission of Sanquin is: Together with the donor we ensure a better life for patients. Sanquin is a knowledge-driven not-for-profit organization that supplies life-saving products and services, as well as blood transfusion medicine- and immunology- related research. The research is performed by a dedicated staff and it is focused around five medical needs: 1. Anemia, 2. Bleeding and Hemostasis, 3. Cancer, 4. Immune deficiency and Aging, 5. Vascular and Inflammatory diseases. Sanquins research portfolio is divided into strategic research (ranging from basic to applied and clinical research) and product- and process development. 


Department of Molecular Hematology

Youwill be based in the Department of Molecular Hematology at Sanquin which harbors several research groups that study hematology, coagulation and immunology, providing a solid and capable critical mass. In addition, Sanquin provides a lively, internationally oriented, scientific environment with excellent facilities. We also organize weekly scientific meetings, journal clubs and work discussionsto gain scientific input and to exchange knowledge. 


  • Postdoc; Research, development, innovation
  • Health
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • Doctorate
  • AT313311


Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation (Sanquin)

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