Project Manager for Donders Citylab @muZIEum

Project Manager for Donders Citylab @muZIEum

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27 Feb 26 Mar Nijmegen

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 26 Mar 2023).

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Job description

The recently established Donders Citylab @muZIEum is looking for a project manager to expand this collaboration between the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and muZIEum. Would you like to make a difference by bringing research and society together in an entertaining, educational and interactive environment? Then you have a part to play!

As Project Manager of the Donders CityLab @ muZIEum, you will be responsible for the overall functioning of the current research infrastructure at muZIEum, the coordination and communication between the boards of muZIEum and the Donders Institute, CityLab's strategic planning and further expansion. Furthermore, you will manage its budget and stakeholders.

You will initiate new research opportunities, balance the research and visitor experience, as well as oversee the relationship between muZIEum and regional and national stakeholders (e.g. the municipal executive and the Economic Board). Additionally, you will be instrumental in the sustainability and expansion of the Citylab initiative. It will be your responsibility to generate opportunities for the researchers of the Donders Institute to conduct experiments at the Citylab, while at the same time maintaining a professional and high-quality environment and experience for the muZIEum visitor.

Radboud University is coordinating NeurotechEU, the European University for Brain and Technology. Several defined objectives of this project involve the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public, for instance through societal innovation hubs, exhibition and innovation showcases, a NeurotechEU museum corner, physical and online exhibitions, and an online experimental museum. Several of these objectives are directly related to the collaboration between the Donders Institute and muZIEum, others might go beyond the Donders Citylab @ muZIEum. It will be your task to ensure that these objectives are achieved by working together with the Citylab officer to be appointed.

You will report directly to the Managing Director of the Donders Institute.


Radboud University


  • You have a PhD in a relevant field (neuroscience and/or neurotechnology).
  • You have experience managing a public-private initiative.
  • You have experience with societal impact projects, science exhibitions, and performances/lectures.
  • You have experience with scaling societal impact projects.
  • You have experience in science communication and outreach.
  • Experience working with visually impaired people and a relevant network is a plus.
  • Experience in participation or management in an international environment is also a plus.
  • You are a highly motivated, independent and creative manager with a strong affinity for multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • You understand the importance of strategic relationships for scientific research within society.
  • You value and understand the importance of societal impact for research purposes.
  • You are able to set up a network of partners and stakeholders independently.
  • You have experience with grants and subsidies.
  • You are proficient in English. 
  • Proficiency in Dutch is not required, but will be considered a plus.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: one year, with the possibility for extension of another 2 years (for as long as there is funding).

  • It concerns an employment for 0.8 - 1.0 FTE.
  • The gross monthly salary amounts to a minimum of €3,974 and a maximum of €5,439 based on a 38-hour working week, depending on previous education and number of years of relevant work experience (salary scale 11).
  • You will receive 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus.
  • It concerns a temporary employment for one year, with the possibility for extension of another 2 years (for as long as there is funding).
  • You will be able to use our Dual Career and Family Care Services. Our Dual Career and Family Care Officer can assist you with family-related support, help your partner or spouse prepare for the local labour market, provide customized support in their search for employment and help your family settle in Nijmegen.
  • Working for us means getting extra days off. In case of full-time employment, you can choose between 30 or 41 days of annual leave instead of the legally allotted 20.
Work and science require good employment practices. This is reflected in Radboud University's primary and secondary employment conditions. You can make arrangements for the best possible work-life balance with flexible working hours, various leave arrangements and working from home. You are also able to compose part of your employment conditions yourself, for example, exchange income for extra leave days and receive a reimbursement for your sports subscription. And of course, we offer a good pension plan. You are given plenty of room and responsibility to develop your talents and realise your ambitions. Therefore, we provide various training and development schemes.


We offer a challenging multidisciplinary project environment with interesting research opportunities and researchers as well as  muZIEum as a partner. 

The Donders Institute is a research institute devoted to understanding the brain, human cognition and behaviour in health and disease. It is located at the campus of Radboud University. In 2022, the Donders Institute and muZIEum jointly opened the Donders Citylab at muZIEum in Nijmegen. The Citylab aims to bring science effectively to the general public by combining research, entertainment and education. The Citylab offers the Donders Institute the opportunity to showcase its research, and to collect data from people from all walks of life. For muZIEum, the Citylab broadens the experience and education of its visitors. Visitors will become participants in ongoing scientific experiments, will collect data on their own brain and behaviour, and will learn how the brain and technology shape the world. They will become aware of all their senses and can explore their brains in action. 

The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour is a world-class interfaculty research centre that houses more than 900 researchers devoted to understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of the human mind. Research at the Donders Institute is focused around four themes: 1. Language and communication, 2. Perception, action and decision-making, 3. Development and lifelong plasticity, 4. Natural computing and neurotechnology. Excellent, state-of-the-art research facilities are available for the broad range of neuroscience research that is being conducted at the Donders Institute. The Donders Institute has been assessed by an international evaluation committee as 'excellent' and recognised as a 'very stimulating environment for top researchers, as well as for young talent'. The Donders Institute fosters a collaborative, multidisciplinary, supportive research environment with a diverse international staff. English is the lingua franca at the Institute.

muZIEum is an 'experience museum' focusing on visual impairment. muZIEum promotes awareness of those living with visual impairments and provides paid employment and participation in society for this group. Visitors experience the life of a blind person in the Dark Experience or through a tour in the city of Nijmegen with VR glasses that simulate low vision. Tours are given by guides who themselves have a visual impairment. 

Radboud University

We want to get the best out of science, others and ourselves. Why? Because this is what the world around us desperately needs. Leading research and education make an indispensable contribution to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. This is what unites the more than 24,000 students and 5,600 employees at Radboud University. And this requires even more talent, collaboration and lifelong learning. You have a part to play!


  • Support staff (clerical, administrative, facility)
  • €3974—€5439 per month
  • Doctorate
  • 1205998



Houtlaan 4, 6525 XZ, Nijmegen

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