PhD-student: Chiral

PhD-student: Chiral

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14 Mar 10 Sep Amsterdam

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 10 Sep 2023).

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Job description

The Self-Organizing Matter group seeks motivated and talented PhD students to join our team working in the field of chirality. We are fascinated by how simple physical chemical phenomena can lead to complete chiral symmetry breaking. We use the interplay between crystallization phenomena and chemical reactions to convert mixtures of left- and righthanded molecules into a desired chiral configuration. The aim of this project is to develop completely new methods for enabling these remarkable chiral conversions, and understand the underlying mechanism. We offer PhD positions that are either more focused on the fundamental aspects of understanding and characterizing how chiral amplification effects can occur during crystallization, or on the design and development of systems that can undergo these remarkable conversions. The projects combine chemical synthesis, tailor-made characterization techniques (e.g. chiral HPLC, SEM, optical microscopy) with a solid connection to the rich background of theory on this topic. You will work in close connection to other group members, and be involved in all aspects of design, realization, interpretation of experiments.




We seek candidates with a strong background in chemistry, physics, materials science, or engineering with an interest in self-assembly phenomena. Excellent candidates with training in any area of science or engineering will be considered. PhD candidates must meet the requirements for an MSc degree. Good verbal and written communication skills in English are required. We strongly believe in the benefits of an inclusive and diverse research environment, and welcome applicants with any background.

Conditions of employment

The position is intended as full-time (40 hours / week, 12 months / year) appointment in the service of the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO-I) for the duration of four years, with a starting salary of gross € 2,590 per month and a range of employment benefits. After successful completion of the PhD research a PhD degree will be granted at the University of Amsterdam. Several courses are offered, specially developed for PhD-students. AMOLF assists any new foreign PhD-student with housing and visa applications and compensates their transport costs and furnishing expenses.


Self-Organizing Matter

The Self-Organizing Matter group led by prof. Wim Noorduin focuses on the dynamic interplay between chemical reactions and crystallization phenomena to control the emergence of complexity in the solid state. In particular, the group aims to design physical-chemical schemes to self-organize microscale devices and functional molecules.

Our group members work closely together with extensive support from the group leader and AMOLF technical staff. Within the group as well as among the different groups at AMOLF, we have a strong focus on stimulating development of students in all professional aspects, as well as collaborations with other researchers at AMOLF and beyond. Moreover, we work closely together with international groups and companies.  For more information, see


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