Postdoc Bioinformatics in (single cell) transcriptomic and (epi)genomic analyses of pediatric brain tumors

Postdoc Bioinformatics in (single cell) transcriptomic and (epi)genomic analyses of pediatric brain tumors

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4 Aug 2 Oct Utrecht

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The Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology is the Dutch research hospital for children with cancer. The institute houses an increasing number of research groups, which aim to develop cures with minimal long-term side effects for all children with cancer. The Kool group, headed by Prof. Dr. Marcel Kool studies the genomics and epigenomics of pediatric brain tumors and how to translate findings from these studies into novel therapies.

Job description

You are going to study brain tumor development, brain tumor biology, and in vitro modeling of pediatric brain tumors on a (single cell) transcriptomic and (epi)genomic level. You will take the lead on the bioinformatics aspects within our research program in Utrecht. Besides performing bioinformatic analyses and generating bioinformatic tools and pipelines, you will contribute to all other scientific aspects. For instance, you will participate in writing grants and papers, and you will co-supervise MSc and PhD students in our group. You will work closely together with the other members of our group to coordinate the wet and dry lab experimental efforts. Depending on your interest and background, performing web lab experiments yourself is an option. You will also collaborate with other bioinformaticians within the Máxima and our group in Heidelberg. We will provide the opportunity to expand on our ongoing projects with various international collaborators and to initiate new, innovative projects.


Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology


We are looking for a highly motivated, self-managing postdoc with a strong interest in (tumor) biology and expertise in bioinformatic analyses of large multi-omic datasets. You have great communication skills and the ability to work independently as well as collaborative in multidisciplinary and multicultural research teams. Next to that, you are well-organized and detail-oriented. A flexible work attitude and good data management skills are important for this position.


  • You are a PhD with a strong background in bioinformatics, genomics/ genetics, or related disciplines.
  • You have experience with programming and analysis of (single cell) transcriptomic and (epi)genomic data.
  • You master the English language, both oral and written. 

Conditions of employment

We offer you a full-time position based on 36 hours / 5 days per week, although working part-time can be discussed. You will start on a temporary position for the duration of one year that—when satisfactory—can be extended. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Hospitals starting in scale FWG 60 and depending on experience and skill. You also receive 8,33% holiday allowance and 8,33 % end-of-year bonus.


The Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology is a young research hospital concentrating healthcare, research and education with regard to cancer in children in a single location within the Netherlands. The institute aims to provide the highest level of care for children with cancer and has the ambition to cure all children of cancer and significantly reduce unwanted side effects. The center brings together the best possible care and scientific research, creating a unique interdisciplinary institute for pediatric oncology in Europe.


Work environment: Kool group

Our research group, headed by Marcel Kool studies the genomics and epigenomics of pediatric brain tumors and how to translate findings from these studies into novel therapies. More effective and less toxic therapies are urgently needed. For many types of childhood brain tumors, the survival is still very poor, and survivors suffer from serious long-term side effects caused by their intensive therapies. To develop such new therapies, we need a better understanding of tumor development and biology as well as molecularly well-characterized preclinical models that represent the broad intra and inter-tumor heterogeneity.

We work in close collaboration with the other research group that Marcel Kool leads at the Hopp Children’s Cancer Center (KiTZ) in Heidelberg, Germany. Both groups are part of the same research program and focus on different aspects of ependymomas and embryonal brain tumors. Our group in Heidelberg works on the genomic and epigenomic analyses of primary tumors and how to translate (epi)genomic findings to the clinic using patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mouse models. Our group in Utrecht is modeling these tumors in vitro using organoid technology to better understand tumor development and behavior and to perform preclinical experiments. Combining the complementary expertise, data and other knowledge from both groups and both centers helps to accelerate our research.

For more information about our group, please visit this website


  • Research, development, innovation; Postdoc
  • Health; Natural sciences
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • Doctorate
  • AT PM 20230804


Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

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