PhD and Postdoc positions to study transcription at the single-molecule level in group of Tineke Lenstra

PhD and Postdoc positions to study transcription at the single-molecule level in group of Tineke Lenstra

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12 Mar 12 Apr Amsterdam

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 12 Apr 2024).

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Job description

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic PhD and postdoc candidates to join Dr Tineke Lenstra’s team. The main interest of the Lenstra lab is to understand the regulatory mechanisms and dynamics of eukaryotic transcription. Precise regulation of transcription is essential to ensure that the correct genes are expressed in the correct tissue at the correct time. Yet, even when a gene is expressed in a certain tissue, within single cells in that population, a gene is not always "on", but is transcribed in bursts of high activity, interspersed by periods of inactivity. How these bursts are regulated remains largely unknown. In our lab, we have expertise in a range of cutting-edge single-molecule microscopy techniques to directly visualize and quantify these transcriptional fluctuations inside living cells. With these powerful tools, we have tested how different mechanisms shape transcriptional bursting patterns, including transcription factor binding dynamics, transcription factor clustering, enhancers, chromatin, and DNA supercoiling (e.g. Pomp, Mol Cell, 204, Patel, Mol Cell 2023, Brouwer, Nature Struc & Mol Biol, 2023., Donovan, EMBO J, 2019, Lenstra, Mol Cell, 2015). To push the field forward, we also develop and apply novel single-molecule microscopy techniques and kinetic analysis tools in both yeast and mammalian model systems. By studying transcription dynamics in single cells, we aim to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of transcription regulation.


The Netherlands Cancer Institute


We are looking for ambitious PhD or postdoc candidates with a strong background in molecular biology, biophysics, systems biology or quantitative biology. The candidate should be creative, independent, and have a problem-solving attitude. Good communication skill and the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team are essential. Previous experience in the field of transcription regulation, or advanced (live-cell) microscopy or image analysis would be advantageous.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: 2 years (postdoc) or 4 years (PhD student).

Scientific environment

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is an internationally renowned institute dedicated to fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research, and the only comprehensive cancer center in The Netherlands. It is a dynamic institute accommodating over 50 research groups and many excellent facilities, including for microscopy, flow cytometry, protein expression and purification, genomics, proteomics and many more. The laboratory is part of the Division of Gene Regulation with multiple groups of complementary expertise.


We offer a stimulating and interactive research environment, free use of all state-of-the-art facilities, a competitive salary. The gross salary per month can range from € 4.324 to € 4.842 (postdoc, conform FWG55) or € 3.355,- to € 4.073,- (salary PhD scale, according to the Collective Labour Agreement General Hospitals), depending on your experience. In addition, you will receive 8,33% holiday pay and end-of-year bonus (8,33%). The appointment is for a period of at least two years (postdoc) or four years (PhD student). You will have the opportunity to follow high-quality courses offered by the OOA oncology graduate school (PhD) or by the NKI postdoc career development program (postdoc).

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed at € 0,19 per km. Free parking at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek is also part of the package. Personnel is stimulated to use public transport and bicycle and therefore we offer an interesting arrangement for bikers and/or discount on the NS-business card. 


  • PhD; Postdoc; Research, development, innovation
  • Natural sciences; Health
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • €3355—€4842 per month
  • University graduate
  • PA NKI 20240312


The Netherlands Cancer Institute

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