PhD position in dental materials sciences

PhD position in dental materials sciences

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8 May 9 Jun Amsterdam

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 9 Jun 2024).

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4-year salaried PhD position on the research project “Development of a coating material for the preventive and micro-invasive treatment of dental caries”

Job description

Are you interested in doing research in the field of dental biomaterials with the ultimate aim of decreasing caries prevalence and improving quality of life in highly caries-susceptible patients such as the elderly, children, and those exposed to head and neck radiation therapy?

At the dental material sciences department of the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA, University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit) we are currently looking for a motivated PhD candidate (dentist, chemist, material scientist, biomaterial scientist, etc.) to conduct the research towards a PhD degree within the above-mentioned project in a 4-year time period.

Project description
Even though the prevalence of dental caries has significantly been reduced over the last couple of decades among children and young adults, no significant improvement has been observed in the older population. On the contrary, with an increasing number of elderly people with their teeth present there is a higher frequency of caries development, especially on the susceptible root surfaces (root caries), often exposed as a result of the receding gums. The current caries prevention approach (low sugar diet, oral hygiene measures, local fluoride application) requires considerable patient compliance and is much less efficient in the elderly due to their decreased overall fitness and abilities, and the presence of additional caries risk factors. In addition, invasive treatment of root caries in the elderly is much more complex, time-consuming, and expensive than the treatment of edentulous patients. It is therefore necessary to adopt a simple, efficient, and cost-effective approach for caries prevention/treatment in this population. This project aims to develop a resistant and biocompatible material for the preventive treatment of caries lesions through sealing, coating and/or infiltration of caries-susceptible tooth surfaces, including the exposed root surfaces. The desirable properties of such a material would be: the ability to form a coating layer and to adhere to the tooth surfaces, good stability in the oral cavity, excellent biocompatibility, and the potential to stimulate tooth surface remineralization. Our ultimate aim is to help preserve teeth and adequate oral function, decrease overall costs and burden of frequent and complicated restorative treatments for patients and their caregivers, and finally, improve oral health and quality of life of the elderly population and other high caries risk groups.

Your tasks on this project
  • Selection and development of the suitable material(s).
  • Laboratory and clinical testing of the material’s effectiveness and various properties such as its stability, biocompatibility, bioactivity, and interaction with tooth tissues.
  • Development and improvement of scientific and academic skills (study conception/design, data acquisition and analysis, scientific writing, time management, keeping up to date with the literature, critical thinking, communication skills, presentation and public speaking skills, etc.).
  • Close collaboration with your (co)promotors, lab technicians and other involved researchers.
  • Supervision of master and bachelor students with your (co)promotors.
  • Publishing your results in relevant peer-reviewed journals and writing your PhD thesis manuscript.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)


  • We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who is a holder of a university master’s degree in one of the following fields: Dentistry, Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, etc.
  • Candidate should have a keen interest in biomaterial sciences and be eager to expand his/her knowledge to bridge the gap between dentistry and material sciences/engineering.
  • Candidate should have good communication skills and be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Candidate should be able and willing to work independently as well as collaboratively in an interdisciplinary context.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: 1 year.

A challenging full-time 4-year position as a PhD candidate at a socially involved organization and internationally renowned research center (ACTA). At ACTA, you contribute to education, research and service for a better world. And that is valuable. So in return for your efforts, we offer you:
  • a salary of € 2.770,00 (PhD) and maximum € 3.539,00 (PhD) gross per month in the fourth year, for a full-time employment
  • the employment contract at ACTA is for 38 hours per week and will initially be concluded for a 1-year period. After a satisfactory evaluation of the initial appointment, the contract will be extended by 3 years. Your dissertation at the end of the fourth year forms the end of your employment contract.

We also offer you attractive fringe benefits and arrangements. Some examples:
  • A full-time 38-hour working week comes with a holiday leave entitlement of 232 hours per year. If you choose to work 40 hours, you have 96 extra holiday leave hours on an annual basis. For part-timers, this is calculated pro rata.
  • 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus
  • solid pension scheme (ABP)
  • contribution to commuting expenses
  • optional model for designing a personalized benefits package


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

ACTA is the partnership of the faculties of dentistry of the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. It is the leading dental knowledge center in the Netherlands, recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in education, research, impact, and patient care.

A healthy mouth for everyone: that is the mission ACTA pursues daily. ACTA's staff engages in scientific research, delivers education, and provides patient care. Every day, staff and students treat around 300 patients. In total, 900 students are enrolled in the bachelor's and master's programs in Dentistry and the post-initial master's program in Oral Health Science. Additionally, ACTA offers continuing education for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. ACTA enjoys high international esteem, holding the second position in the international QS Ranking.

Diversity is a core value of the ACTA. We stand for an inclusive community and believe that diversity and internationalization contribute to the quality of education and research. We are therefore constantly looking for people who contribute to the diversity of our campus through their background and experience.


  • PhD
  • Health
  • €2770—€3539 per month
  • University graduate
  • 4036


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)

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