2 Candidates for a Professional Doctorate (PD) in the arts

2 Candidates for a Professional Doctorate (PD) in the arts

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22 May 16 Jun Maastricht

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 16 Jun 2024).

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Job description

Would you like to do doctoral research in which your artistic or creative practice is an integral part? And are you curious, motivated, and eager to engage in a new interdisciplinary artistic research program? The Maastricht Experimental Research In and through the Arts Network (MERIAN) is looking for candidates to develop a research proposal, in order to participate in the Arts + Creative PD- (pilot) trajectory.

What is the PD Programme?
PD stands for Professional Doctorate: a program for investigative professionals in arts and design, who aim to develop their artistic research practice further. The Arts + Creative PD program has been developed by professors from 15 universities for arts and design in the Netherlands. It is currently in a pilot phase: eventually the PD should become the equivalent of a PhD for the Dutch Universities of the Applied Sciences. MERIAN is looking for two PD candidates who want to develop a research proposal in order to start the Arts + Creative PD- (pilot) trajectory in May 2025.


Zuyd University


The PD program is open to practicing artists and designers (from all artistic genres and disciplines), teachers and researchers at art schools, and talented graduates. The formal requirements are that you have a relevant master’s degree or a validated equivalent, and an active practice in the arts, design, or other creative domain. Your artistic or creative practice forms an integral part of your doctoral research. In addition, you are eager to engage in interdisciplinary research that is problem-based and methodologically innovative, and which focusses on topics that are artistically, academically, and societally relevant. Your artistic research practice should be related to one of the artistic (inter)disciplines taught at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (at Maastricht Institute of Arts, Conservatorium Maastricht and/or Institute of Performing Arts).

Conditions of employment

The PD programme gives you extended time for doing research in and through your artistic practice. During your research, you will innovate your own research methodologies to fit the issues your research addresses, and you will relate critically to the local institutional and geographical context of your research. You will also do some teaching that is relevant to your artistic research practice within the educational programs of the MERIAN partners. The PD programme can be taken full-time (four years) or part-time; the latter with a maximum duration of six years. The PD programme is mostly in English. During the PD, you will receive a salary (scale 11 CAO HBO) and a small budget towards research costs, which you are expected to boost if necessary by applying for funding from other sources. Following and completing a PD trajectory does not result in a formal degree yet (it is expected that the PD is to be legally secured during the pilot phase).

As MERIAN PD candidate, you will be located at and employed by the research centre What Art Knows at the Maastricht Institute of Arts, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Your supervision team will be a collaboration between artistic and academic expertise from the MERIAN partners, together with professional expertise from relevant partners from the working field.


  • Research, development, innovation
  • Language and culture
  • University graduate
  • AT ZUYD 20242205



Herdenkingsplein 12, 6211 PW, Maastricht

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