The power of self-compassion

PhD Unplugged - Luisa & Lara Solms
13 Jan ’22

In this episode, PhD students Luisa and Lara Solms speak to self-compassion pioneer Dr. Steven Hickman and PhD candidate Yoni Schirris about the power of self-compassion. They discuss:

  • the concept of self-compassion and how it helps to deal with an inner critical voice
  • the three components of self-compassion: mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness
  • the science behind self-compassion: how it makes us more successful and navigate through (PhD) life with ease
  • building a self-compassion routine: start small and be patient
  • the importance of mindful moments: where are your feet?
  • the self-compassion paradox: how to make self-compassion work by letting go of it working
  • a common misconception: how self-compassion is different from self-pity
  • self-compassion in academia: be the change you want to see
  • self-compassion break: a pocket practice for every day
  • the fierce side of self-compassion: why self-compassion is more than warmth and tenderness

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