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Reflect on your career

What do you bring to your next job? What's your preferred working style, and in which situations are you at your best? Discover your strengths and style with our Career Reflector.

Our self-assessment is designed to help you reflect on your career journey. You will get to know:

- what your preferred approach is to developing and sharing knowledge
- how you preferably work with others
- how you demonstrate personal leadership
- what your preferred working style is

Take some time for self-reflection with our test and take the first step towards a fulfilling career!

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The charm of consultancy

Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives and Performances at Erasmus School of Economics, was a guest on a podcast episode of BNR Werkverkenners. The consulting sector is constantly rising in popularity, which is also noticeable among students. Dur elaborates on why this is, and what type of student is going in the consultancy direction.

Many students these days want to become consultants notes Dur, perhaps this is one of the most popular professions mentioned. One of the things that attracts students to this sector is the wide variety they expect. Consequently, many students say that they do not want to be consultants all their lives, but they see it as a nice way to gain experience and look around. Students' main motivation is still income, now that life is very expensive. Young people have many desires besides that. Other factors also play a role, working conditions, tasks and the mission. Consultancy attracts different types of people. If Dur looks at the average, they are more extroverted, curious, ambitious students. They are people who want to explore the world with their heads held high. On average, they may score a little lower on the moral compass. The students with a strongly developed compass are more likely to see Dur heading for other types of jobs that give more back to society.

You can listen to the full podcast from BNR Nieuwsradio, 27 February 2024, here.


What qualities do you bring to your next job?

Career success begins with knowing yourself. Are you aware of your strengths, weaknesses and preferred working style? When you know yourself, it’s easier to find your dream job. You can shape your own career path if you know what qualities you bring to your next job and which skills you would still like to develop.

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Land a new job more easily: boost your networking and presentation skills

You will more easily land a new job if you have the right connections and when you are able to present yourself well. Boost your networking and presentation skills with the Career Buddy from AcademicTransfer!

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Three reasons why you should enhance your presentation skills: 

  1. Make a good first impression 

  2. Convince employers of your added value and get invited 

  3. Stay ahead of the competition 

Get better in exploring and expanding your professional network, setting up meetings and events, tailoring your CV and creating a personal pitch. Read more information and watch our explainer video on how to use the Career Buddy, it will guide you through all preparation activities!


Meet & Greet bij NWO op donderdag 15 juni

Heb jij een passie voor de wetenschap? Wil je graag een actieve bijdrage leveren aan de versterking van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek en de impact daarvan op de maatschappij? Dat kan als programma coördinator, als financial, IT'er of in een andere functie binnen onze organisatie. Je bent van harte welkom. Onze eerstvolgende Meet & Greet is op donderdag 15 juni.

NWO is dé nationale wetenschapsfinancier en vervult als verbinder een brugfunctie tussen onderzoek en samenleving. Werken bij NWO is heel divers. Voor een programmacoördinator bijvoorbeeld varieert dat van het schrijven van een call tot het bijdragen aan de toepassing van wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Als financial adviseer en ondersteun je de interne organisatie professioneel en klantgericht bij financiële vraagstukken. Als IT'er draag je bij aan de digitale transitie van NWO waarbij we een volledig nieuw digitaal fundament gaan realiseren en de Agile werkwijze binnen de IT-afdeling adopteren.

Bevlogen collega’s

Het belangrijkste in ons werk is het bevorderen van onderzoek en het vergroten van wetenschappelijke en maatschappelijke impact. Dat valt en staat natuurlijk met de inzet, kwaliteit, bevlogenheid en diversiteit van onze medewerkers. We zijn trots dat we in een inclusieve omgeving werken waarin alle medewerkers hun talenten kunnen ontwikkelen; op welk gebied dan ook!

Werken bij NWO betekent werken in een omgeving waarin iedereen een passie heeft voor wetenschap. Via bijeenkomsten, georganiseerde lunches of borrels blijven we op de hoogte van elkaars werk en zoeken we de verbinding op.

Zullen we kennismaken?

Lijkt het je leuk om nog meer te weten te komen over het werk bij NWO en om collega’s te ontmoeten? Dan nodigen we je graag uit voor onze Meet & Greet op donderdag 15 juni aanstaande. De Meet & Greet vindt plaats op onze locatie in Utrecht tussen 14.00 en 17.30 uur.


Meld je aan via het formulier op deze website:


Career advice podcast

AcademicTransfer offers career advice in short 5 to 8-minute bi-weekly podcasts. Listen to the first episode "5 do's and 5 don'ts when applying for a job". Managing director Jeroen Sparla will discuss how to prepare for a perfect job application in The Netherlands as a researcher. 


Exploring careers for PhD graduates at ABN Amro

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  • #engineering
  • #mathematics
  • #physics

Do you have (or about to have) a PhD in a field, such as Science, Tech, Engineering or Mathematics? And are you interested to know what ABN AMRO has to offer you in terms of your career and your obtained skills?

Join us at our PhD event and workshop on Friday afternoon 23rd of September, where you will learn about our professional challenges, working conditions and in which way your PhD skills are being valued by ABN AMRO.

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The Netherlands Recruitment Day - free registrations is open now

Are you a researcher, master, PhD, postdoc, or (assistant/associate) professor? And would you like to proceed with your career in research or higher education in the Netherlands? Join the Netherlands Recruitment Day on October 1st 2022, and get invited for a 20-minute interview with a Dutch professor or recruiter.


To join our recruitment day and be invited for an interview, you will need to have :

  • An up-to-date English CV and a short personal research statement.

  • A master's degree (or soon obtaining) if you want to start a PhD. If you have a bachelor’s degree you can not participate and can not apply for an interview. 

  • A good level of English, a TOEFL/IELTS certificate (or soon obtained). To communicate with your colleagues you need to have a good level of English. Most Dutch universities require a TOEFL score of 80 and higher or IELTS of 6.5 and higher. All your research can be done in English. It depends on the organisation if you need some Dutch skills too.

Register for free: the Netherlands Recruitment Day on October 1st 2022


NPS17: Netherlands Process Technology Symposium

  • #engineering

An event for the process engineering community in the Netherlands? Yes, we are proud to announce to you the next Netherlands Process Technology Symposium NPS17, where the needs, challenges, and solutions for a sustainable world and the role of process engineering will be conferred. 

NPS17 was postponed last year due to COVID-19. But we were glad to provide a series of webinars on the theme ‘sustaining the future’ which created a platform to connect and exchange ideas. In line with this, the theme of NPS17 is ‘Together more sustainable’. The goal of the conference is to highlight academic research in sustainable process technology and connect it with needs from society, SMEs, and industry. 

Therefore, this will be a great opportunity to share and absorb sustainable ideas by meeting process engineering enthusiasts from these sectors in the Netherlands and beyond. 

Dates: April 4 + 5, 2022
Location: campus Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
To program & registration