Why relocate to the Netherlands for your academic career?

Are you thinking of relocating to the Netherlands for your academic career?

Read Florentia Kavoura's personal story, an assistant professor in structural engineering at Delft University of Technology. Florentia is originally from Greece, obtained her PhD in the United States and relocated to the Netherlands three years ago.

What convinced her to relocate and what made it successful? Here are some key points:

  • a long-term stability offered by the Dutch academic landscape

  • a focus on innovation in her field

  • great work-life balance

  • the open-minded and direct Dutch culture

Read the full article at the Welcome to NL website.


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What are you going to do after your PhD?

Do you know what you would like to do after your PhD or postdoc? Would you like to stay in academia? This career path is only for a few, as there are more PhD graduates than positions on a more senior level at universities. Have you ever thought about doing research in another sector, like Industry or Government?

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What qualities do you bring to your next job?

Career success begins with knowing yourself. Are you aware of your strengths, weaknesses and preferred working style? When you know yourself, it’s easier to find your dream job. You can shape your own career path if you know what qualities you bring to your next job and which skills you would still like to develop.

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Become an expert at technological design: Engineering Doctorate

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Are you a Master’s graduate with an interest in designing practical and innovative technologies for the industry sector? Then a EngD programme is your ticket to a successful career!

The EngD is a postgraduate degree in the Netherlands and stands for Engineering Doctorate. The 2-year programme consists of lecturers, workshops and a technological design project. You perform the design project in and for an industry company. A great way to apply your theoretical knowledge in solving a real-life, complex design problem.

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Header image: Bart v Overbeeke 2019


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