About Atria

'Sharing the past, debating the present and creating the future'. That is Atria's motto. Atria is the institute on gender equality and women’s history. 

Atria is one of the leading institutes on gender equality and women’s history 

Atria promotes gender equality by dissemination of knowledge and information, through consultancy and by stimulating the social and political debate about gender equality. The ultimate goal is equal rights for women and men.

One and one is three

Atria wants to connect women’s history and information on women and gender, with policy, topical matters and politics. Atria was established in 2012, after a merger between Aletta, institute for women’s history and E-Quality, Information centre for gender, family and diversity issues.
On 28 January 2013, Atria was launched at the venue ‘Rode Hoed’ in Amsterdam.


Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK, Amsterdam

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