CAH Vilentum

About the CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences

The University has two locations, one in Dronten and one in Almere.


The location of CAH Vilentum in Dronten, is situated in the heart of the Netherlands and in the centre of one of the most modern food production areas in the world. Dronten is the perfect place for a professional study in management or entrepreneurship.

Read more about the University in Dronten.


The Almere branch is a recent expansion of CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences. The two current programmes started in 2010, yet its roots in the 50 years' experience in Higher Education are firm. CAH expects to have a strong international orientation, attracting students interested in a professional career in urban planning, sustainable entrepreneurship, nature development and the management of natural resources. Read more about the University in Almere.


De Drieslag 4, 8251 JZ, Dronten

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