About DCPrime

DCPrime is a clinical stage company focused on developing cancer vaccines based on its proprietary dendritic cell (DC) technology platform DCOne® . The first DCOne® -derived product, DCP-001, already showed promise in a Phase I/IIa study in patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), and a Phase II study in AML is in preparation. Also, DCP-001’s properties make it suitable for application in other hematological cancers as well, and DCPrime has entered preclinical collaborations towards that end. In addition, DCPrime is extending the applications of its DCOne® platform to solid cancers, and starting to explore the possible synergy of DCOne® -based vaccines with immune modulators. DCPrime’s mission is to create a range of therapeutic vaccines targeting several cancer types. 


Galileiweg 8, 2333 BD, Leiden

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