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The Fontys Research Agenda forms an integral part of the Fontys Quality Agenda for education, whereby research has been positioned in such a way that it contributes to the continual improvement of the quality of education. Fontys opts to link all research to education.

The research conducted at Fontys is practice-based and innovative. It targets the renewal and improvement of the professional practice for which education is provided and is elaborated upon in close consultation with professional practice, preferably within regional knowledge networks. Research contributes directly to curriculum innovation. The interaction between education and research contributes to keeping our teaching staff right at the forefront of developments in their subject areas. By way of their training in practice-based research, Fontys produces graduates who are professionals, armed with the skills required for acquiring knowledge, developing new knowledge and disseminating knowledge in professional practice.

Inherent to this policy, three ambitions have been identified, to be achieved by the year 2015, as follows:

  • All (Bachelor) curricula must include learning profiles for researching skills to ensure that all students will be exposed to the process of conducting practical research.
  • Research will directly influence the curricula and teaching staff will be actively involved in practice-based research via Lectorate knowledge groups.
  • Consequently, within all Fontys course programmes, research will be a self-evident element for both teaching staff and students.

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