HZ University of Applied Sciences

About HZ University of Applied Sciences

HZ University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge institute with a worldwide orientation. It specifically wants to position itself within the durability, water, safety, innovation & enterprise knowledge domains. The various target groups can master their chosen competencies via custom made education, for a lifelong career in a multicultural and multiform society. HZ wants to be a partner to companies, institutes and authorities, in order to look after their every knowledge and innovation need.


HZ therefore focuses on a number of spearheads, which make HZ attractive to a market which goes way beyond the regional and even the national borders. These spearheads are durability and water, safety and innovation & enterprise. This is also reemphasised by the existence of lecturers in these specific areas.


A mission is also constantly embedded in a set of ‘values’, which provides direction for thoughts and actions. Our core values are quality, personal development, mutual respect and professional orientation. Various HZ places and documents also emphasise the required attention for ethnic and interpretation issues, both in general and professional situations. HZ specifically wants to be a community where every person counts and where every person is seen as an individual, where working together is high on the list of priorities and where there is mutual respect for the development possibilities of all involved.


Edisonweg 4, 4382 NW, Vlissingen

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