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HAN University of Applied Sciences

Research plays an important role in the education offered at HAN. We believe it is a necessary condition for educating professionals and for keeping up with and initiating developments in professional practice.


Social and technological developments mean that professions are changing faster than ever. This requires professionals of a new calibre. Employers not only expect their staff to be skilled professionals, but also capable of solving complex problems that arise on the work floor. HAN anticipates this development in the education it offers. In addition, it offers companies advice and support with innovation.


Research has acquired a prominent position at HAN. This has consequences for students and lecturers, but also for companies and institutions that work with HAN. Students not only concentrate on professional knowledge, but also work on developing an inquisitive, solution-oriented attitude. Lecturers give their students full support in this process.

Broad research networks

At the centre of HAN's research networks are the professors. They maintain a growing network that includes other educational institutions, the business community, government bodies and non-profit organisations in the region.

The professors at HAN anticipate issues that come up in professional practice. They involve students, lecturers and doctoral students in their research, and in doing so, knowledge and experience circulate between HAN and the business community. This synergy between theory and practice is what makes HAN such a successful knowledge institute.

Sites in English

There are dozens of research groups at HAN, which focus on a wide range of topics. Three research groups are presented on the English website. For further information on the topic of research and research groups, please refer to:


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