About MRIguidance

During their research MRI physicist Peter Seevinck and medical image scientist Marijn van Stralen saw great unused potential for MRI-based medical imaging technologies. Together with Roel Raatgever, former director of Europe’s no.6 academic business incubator UtrechtInc, they have founded UMC Utrecht spinoff company MRIguidance. The team of MRIguidance actively collaborates in fundamental and clinical research of UMC Utrecht and other hospitals to make innovation part of their development cycle and to guarantee products that challenge the state-of-the-art. MRIguidance recently became founding partner of the Fieldlab 3DMedical. The images of MRIguidance will form the basis for 3D printed implants and medical devices.


Maliesingel 29, 3581 BJ, Utrecht

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