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About Maastro Clinic

The radiotherapy institute MAASTRO CLINIC provides cancer care to patients in the South-East region of the Netherlands. MAASTRO CLINIC works closely with the radiotherapy department of the University Hospital Maastricht (MUMC+) in the fields of education, clinical and pre-clinical research.MAASTRO’s strategic goal is to deliver "individualized medicine” by applying advanced medical technology and scientific research the cancer treatment will be tailored to the clinical, biological and genetic characteristics of an individual patient so that the best outcome can be achieved. MAASTRO CLINIC and the MUMC+ is a Dutch candidate site for proton radiotherapy. 

MAASTRO CLINIC is a radiotherapy treatment and research facility embedded within the GROW research institute of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. Research carried out in the past has focused on PET/CT imaging, dual energy CT imaging, 3/4D ultrasound imaging for treatment verification, dose guided radiotherapy (DGRT), and proton therapy verification techniques, small animal radiation research. 

The Clinic has seven permanent physicists, several technicians, informaticians, and 25 PhD students/postdocs and is fully equipped with the latest linear accelerators, verification imaging devices, a brachytherapy suite, a PET-CT scanner, a wide bore CT scanner, 3D ultrasound imaging systems, many treatment planning stations etc. Together with the Radiobiology Lab (MAASTRO LAB) we installed a fully equipped small animal irradiation/imaging facility for pre-clinical research. We are one of the leading research centers in precision irradiation for small animals. MAASTRO CLINICcollaborates with TU/Eindhoven, University of Toronto, the McGill University of Montreal, the University of Leuven, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and we host an international in-silico trial on particle therapy.


Dr. Tanslaan 12, 6229 ET, MAASTRICHT

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