Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

About the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

‘Think sea - think NIOZ’ 

The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) is the Dutch oceanographic institute and carries out leading fundamental and applied frontier research on, in and under the sea worldwide. The accent is on seagoing research, for which the NIOZ uses its own fleet. The NIOZ is the link between the Dutch universities, facilitating and supporting research and education. The NIOZ has branches on Texel and in Yerseke. Around 370 people work on combined biological, physical, chemical and geological research in various departments. The pièces de résistance of the NIOZ include the ocean-going RV Pelagia, the technical workshops, laboratories and its outstanding marine research. The NIOZ is an institute of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Globally, oceans and seas are becoming increasingly important socially and that also applies, or perhaps in particular, to the Netherlands. The sea is being used more and more for transport, energy and food but also, and increasingly, for the extraction of minerals in ever deeper areas of the oceans. In addition, the interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans plays a regulatory role in the climate system. Improved knowledge of the sea and oceans is essential to be able to deal with our planet in a sustainable manner. In the coming years, the NIOZ aims to strengthen its central function nationally and internationally in this sector and in order to achieve this, we are going to be initiating innovations in the field of multidisciplinary and high-tech marine research for society and industry.  The NIOZ stands for better understanding of the seas and oceans and making our research achievements accessible. 

In short, laboratories of excellence, internationally-oriented research groups acting worldwide, its own research fleet. Opting for the NIOZ means working in a ground-breaking knowledge environment. The ideal breeding ground for talented young and senior scientists who put high demands on their research environment. People-oriented, performance-driven and international.

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