Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA)

Working at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA)

Working to achieve peace and security, in the Netherlands and abroad, requires specific knowledge and expertise of Defence personnel. To this end, anyone who wants to be an officer in the Defence organisation has to be educated at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA). The NLDA offers a unique combination of military and academic education, research and personal development.

The NLDA teaches both initial officer training and career training courses at middle, higher and senior management levels. In addition, the Faculty of Military Sciences conducts academic research with a view to developing expertise, innovation and policy advice. The results are used in training courses, presented at academic events and distributed to a wider audience via publications and conferences.

The Faculty of Military Sciences comprises three technical scientific sections: Sensor, Weapon and Command Systems (SEWACO), Military Platform Systems (PFS) and Navigation Technology (NAV). These sections are predominantly based in Den Helder. Their personnel contribute to global stability and freedom. Are you interested in working in this unique environment? Take a look at the vacancies listed on this site.


Kraanstraat 4, 4811 XC, Breda

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