About NLO

Innovations, models and trademarks are a valuable asset in any business. They enhance a company’s distinguishing capacity, boost its impact, strengthen its competitive position and make it more attractive to investors. Therefore, there is every reason to give Intellectual Property a prominent place in a successful business strategy.

NLO is one of the largest and most pioneering Intellectual Property consultancies in Europe with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our client list includes multinationals, SMEs, universities, R&D and governmental organizations. We offer services over a broad IP area.

We support our clients by protecting and enriching their innovations, models and trademarks, thanks to our extensive range of services and the expertise of our trademark, design and patent specialists who find solutions where others don’t.

How we proceed and work together with clients is all about the key values our organization is based upon; Expertise. Passion. Teamwork. Creativity. Experience. These have been the key ingredients of our services for more than 128 years and will continue to be pivotal in the future as well.


Anna van Buerenplein 21a, 2595 DA, Den Haag

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