Knowledge and Research

Within the Police Academy, knowledge and research are aimed at improving and strengthening the policing profession. This is knowledge about the police, owned by the police and developed and made accessible in cooperation with the police. All activities are aimed at improving police practices and enhancing training and education. Implementing knowledge is at the forefront. To achieve this goal, the academy is in continuous contact with educational institutes and police forces.


Other knowledge institutes and partners in the security sector develop knowledge which is also relevant to the policing profession. Complimentarity in cooperation within this so-called knowledge infrastructure is the way to ensure an optimum development of the police force. The Police Academy plays a unique and central role in this process. It distinguishes itself not only by developing knowledge (via research), but also by validating and enabling the implementation of this knowledge. The academy is also closely linked with (educational) institutes.

Police-specific knowledge

The Police Academy can offer a complete array of closely linked knowledge services. Research is carried out by the lectureships. Police & Science is an autonomous research program, linking the police service and academic sciences.

PolitieKennisNet, the Mediatheek and the Landelijke Deskundigheidsmakelaar are important knowledge services. Strategic developers complement the Police Academy’s knowledge and research function. They specify and discuss strategic policing issues and make the connections with to the relevant knowledge services or specialists within or outside the Police Academy.


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