Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TI Food and Nutrition)

In 2011 TI Food and Nutrition starts 20 new projects

TI Food and Nutrition is looking for talented and motivated scientists to push the frontiers in challenging and unexplored areas in food and nutrition research. At TI Food and Nutrition excellence goes hand in hand with industrial relevance. Scientists must therefore have an affinity with the food industry and be able to place their research endeavours in the wider context of the industry’s future needs and challenges.

The research themes are inspired by the industry’s innovation challenges in the coming decades to develop food products and production processes to contribute to:

  • Improving health, wellbeing and longevity
  • Building consumer trust in the food chain
  • Enabling sustainable and ethic production

New research projects

In 2011 TI Food and Nutrition starts appr. 20 new research projects for which we need highly qualified scientists to work in interdisciplinary teams in the key areas of Health and Wellbeing, Food Science and Sustainable Production.

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Weight management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Gastro- intestinal health

Food Science:

  • Sensory-liking
  • Texture- taste
  • Food structuring
  • Functional fermentation
  • Food safety and preservation

Knowledge Management, Functional Genomics and Bio-informatics are important platforms to support these key-area’s.

Top Talent

Applications are invited for the positions of research scientists, post docs and PhD fellows in the scientific disciplines of:

  • Nutrition sciences
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Food safety and microbiology
  • Bio-informatics

For the positions of research scientist and post doc, applicants must have a PhD degree or equivalent from an internationally recognised university and a track record in research demonstrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals. We need scientists who are flexible and open-minded and who can think out-of-the-box in transdisciplinary research teams to produce results that can be taken up by the food industry.

We welcome applicants from graduates from internationally recognised universities or equivalent institutes who want to carry out research for a PhD degree and with in interest to persue in the food industry. As well as a strong researcher, you need to be flexible and be able to cooperate with others in interdisciplinary research.

All positions in this international research environment demand the ability to communicate effectively in English. Thus, applicants will need to demonstrate their fluency in spoken and written English.