Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)

About Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)

The UNL represents the shared interests of the fourteen research universities in the Netherlands in the fields of research, education, knowledge transfer, funding, personnel policy and international affairs.
Its basic tasks are:

  • to promote the common interests of the universities vis-à-vis Dutch and European politicians, government and civil society organisations to create a forum for discussion so that common viewpoints can be developed
  • to provide all kinds of services and information
  • to serve as an organisation for employers by participating in discussions with the government and employee organisations regarding employment conditions within the university sector (a sector responsible for some 49,072 employees).

Current priorities

In the coming years the VSNU will be concentrating especially on stimulating high attainment levels in the bachelor’s degree phase. It will focus on top research and researchers and on encouraging young and talented researchers to excell inside or outside of the academic community. Finally, it will continue to establish even greater levels of internationalisation.

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