USP Marketing Consultancy

About USP Marketing Consultancy

As a professional organisation you are aware of the value of information. You have to stay informed about all kinds of market developments. What is your market position? What are the current developments in the market and what influence do they have on the different aspects of the business process? What media do you use? How do the wishes of my customers change? What is the role of the Internet in all of this? 

In order to gather all this information you talk to customers and colleagues, you read newspapers and trade magazines. However, an important share of this information is not just there for the taking. That is why you want to conduct market research and choose a partner that has made your market its specialisation. USP Marketing Consultancy is, as a market research and consultancy company, specialised in the construction, real estate and housing branches. USP covers the entire area from development to realisation and implementation. 

Within our market segments we conduct most types of research and also have all the required research methods at our disposal. 

Given our specialisation, USP especially conducts research for the following market parties: project developers, investment companies, housing associations, municipalities, government, publishers, construction & installation manufacturers and wholesalers, DIY organisations and manufacturers of material for Groundwork, Road and Waterways. 


Max Euwelaan 51, 3062 MA, Rotterdam

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