VU university medical center (VUmc)

About VU university medical center

Who we are

At VU University Medical Center we are constantly working on improvement of the quality of healthcare. As a medical center we focus on three aspects; education, research and patient care in order to actively contribute to the healthcare of both today and tomorrow.
Our core values are involvement, diligence and ambition. These values are ever present and noticeable through our colleagues and the passion with which they take their role in developing healthcare for a better tomorrow.
Because we care about ambition and development, VU University Medical Center offers us chances and possibilities to constantly develop ourselves as a person and, through that, to constantly develop ourselves as an organization.

Working at VU University Medical Center

Working at VU University Medical Center means working on academic level in an informal, open environment with room for freedom and responsibility.
Our patients and their care are the core and focus of our organization, but we are also responsible for educating medical personnel and conducting scientific research.
We are known for our professional approach, educational opportunities and possibilities to grow within our organization. This is supported and encouraged by our culture that gives room for showing initiative, candor and respect for each other.

Our research

Our research has a direct connection to the challenges of society and is fundamental in nature, aimed at producing solutions and applications for daily use. Our range of specializations is broad, as we are frontrunners in care and research on:

  • cancer
  • neuroscience
  • vital functions
  • movement
  • extramural and transmural care (the interface between primary and secondary health care)

For more information about working in our organization, you can check On this website we present our vacancies, news, vlogs of colleagues and more useful information about working with us at VU University Medical Center.

For more information about PhD related matters, you can visit our portal at:


De Boelelaan 1117, 1081 HZ, Amsterdam

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