Xpand Biotechnology BV

Xpand Biotechnology BV

Xpand Biotechnology BV is a young and dynamic life sciences company, located in Bilthoven, which focuses on stem cell expansion and development of biomaterials for clinical applications.

Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are increasingly used in regenerative medicine as a cell source to restore worn-out or damaged tissues such as cartilage, cardiac muscle and bone. MSCs are adult stem cells which can be isolated from, for example, the bone marrow. They can be expanded in a culture dish and form various tissue types when exposed to the appropriate cocktail of reagents. As only a low number of stem cells are available in the bone marrow, 3D culturing conditions are set up at Xpand Biotechnology, to increase the number of cells for autologous (patient-own) implantation. With this technology an innovative automated, closed bioreactor system is being developed that can be used on location (in the hospital) for autologous stem cell expansion to clinically required quantities (200 to 800 million cells). This adult stem cell expander is generic and will allow use of the cells for many different clinical applications, including myocardial and vascular regeneration. Xpand Biotechnology's ambition is to become one of the global leaders in stem cell expansion and regenerative medicine. The company has many national and international collaborations with academic partners and partners in industry.



Prof. Bronkhorstlaan 10 bld 48, 3723 MB, Bilthoven

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