Chip Integration Technology Center

Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC)

CITC is a non-profit joint innovation center that specializes in heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging technology. It is a place where companies, research and educational institutes work together on bridging the gap from academics to industry and create new and better solutions. We offer access to innovation, infrastructure and education.

Access to Innovation
Organizing and executing innovation programs in the field of packaging and integration technology for chips. CITC’s current program lines:

  • Thermal High-Performance Packaging
  • RF Chip Packaging
  • Digital Package Manufacturing
  • Integrated Photonics Packaging

Access to Infrastructure
CITC maintains lab facilities that support the innovation programs but also support the education programs through internships and MSc/PhD programs. CITC has a Smart Industry Field Lab status.

Access to Education
CITC collaborates with universities, applied universities, and companies to support and provide packaging and chip integration technology-related education. This includes internships, MSc/PhD programs, and a specific CITC – HAN Packaging course.


Transistorweg 5T, 6534 AT, Nijmegen

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