MARIN aims at clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable use of the ocean. We do this as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government and society. We offer integrated solutions, from concept development and design to operation. We stimulate innovation and global cooperation in developing, applying and sharing our knowledge. The knowledge and commitment of our people are our strength.
The future of the Netherlands lies on the water. After all, the surface of our blue planet consists of 70% water. That is why at MARIN we want to make ships and operations at sea cleaner, smarter and safer and contribute to the sustainable use of the sea. For example, we conduct research into autonomous and zero emission shipping, floating islands, solar energy parks and seaweed farms at sea.
At MARIN you can work very independently. We are happy to give way to your initiative and want you to contribute to our mission and the development and application of our knowledge. At MARIN you closely follow the innovations in our profession and we often create them ourselves. We are always on the move and ask you to do the same. We therefore consider that attention for you and your development is self-evident. You play an important role in the contact with our customers and within other important networks. With your ambitions, knowledge and skills you determine our success in the market and we help you grow through training and courses.



Haagsteeg 2, 6708 PM, Wageningen

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