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Working together towards a better world

About Utrecht University

Our world is changing rapidly. The global issues we are facing are complex in nature. They are not restricted to one generation or continent and cannot be resolved based on a single perspective. It is time to issue an open invitation to all.

Participate. Contribute. You are welcome.

We are Utrecht University. The place for new collaborations and cross-pollination. Students, academic and administrative staff, policymakers, members of the public, professionals and business owners; you are invited to contribute to a better world.

Open mind, open attitude, open science

Utrecht University researches, educates and communicates the results across disciplines and shares knowledge and insights that lay the foundation for the future. Shared perspectives are the source of tomorrow’s solutions.

Our strategy and guiding principles

We aim high at solving problems in the world. With open minds, open attitudes and open science, we join forces to create solutions that have a positive impact on us all. No matter what social challenges we might face.

Header image: Robert Oosterbroek

Why Utrecht University

Sharing science, shaping tomorrow

At Utrecht University, we work together towards a better future for all of us. With our more than 7,000 members of staff, we provide socially relevant research and high-quality education. The university is an actively involved and committed part of our society, with the added value of an open mind about societal issues.  We collaborate with other (international) universities, trade and industry, the authorities, the cultural sector and societal organisations. Working at Utrecht University means working at the best university in the Netherlands.

HR Excellence in Research

The university supports researchers from The Netherlands and abroad in the further development of their academic careers, by pursuing the best possible HR policy. For this purpose, the university has been awarded the seal of approval 'HR Excellence in Research'.

Interdisciplinary education and research are really being taken seriously here.

— Ellen Moors - Professor of Innovation and Sustainability at the Faculty of Geosciences

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