The benefits of an AcademicTransfer account

Why create an AcademicTransfer account?

Planning your next career step gets easier with a personal AcademicTransfer account. With an account you can:

  • search and apply for jobs more easily
  • get in touch with Dutch university recruiters
  • get new job inspiration with our CV Match
  • explore career paths for researchers in the Netherlands
  • take a free self-assessment and reflect on your talents and skills
  • get resume and networking tips
  • increase your online visibility in Dutch academia

Job search & application

Stand out with your personal profile


Recruiters are looking for candidates on our platform. The more information you provide in your profile, the better they can find you, and the better their first impression is of you.

Fill in your academic field, current and desired position, and add your research experience. Do you want employers to reach out to you? Make sure you click 'Available to employers' in your personal profile.

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Upload your documents and get noticed


Add your resume or research proposal to your account and give your consent to share these documents with potential employers. By giving consent, recruiters are able to download your CV and reach out to you with an interesting position.

Your documents will be automatically added to your application. And you can easily match your CV with jobs.

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Let the job find you!


Searching for exciting vacancies is time-consuming. It can be more manageable with our CV and Research Match. Upload your CV and find out which jobs match your profile. You will get new job inspiration for sure!

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New career services

Our career tools

Are you still figuring out what you want to do in your career? AcademicTransfer developed several career tools to help you find your career path in the Netherlands. With your AcademicTransfer account you get free access these services.

Get to know yourself better


Do you have what it takes to make your career move? With your account you are able to take our self-assessment for free.

You will learn more about your talents and skills and your preferred way of working. It is the first step to unlock your potential!

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Tailor your CV and broaden your network


Is your CV ready for your next career move? And do you have an effective personal pitch to convince your potential employer? Let our Career Buddy guide you and get you fully prepared!

You will work on your networking and presentation skills. Get ready and start your preparation now.

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Explore career paths


Finding the right career path isn't easy and takes time. Our Career Navigator helps you discover six career paths for researchers in the Netherlands. Start exploring the research positions, and get inspired by the facts & figures and personal stories of other researchers.

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