DIFFER is the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, one of the nine research institutes of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The institute focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to energy research, combining physics, chemistry, engineering and materials science. DIFFER's research takes place in two main themes: Solar Fuels for the conversion and storage of renewable energy, and Fusion Energy as a clean and unlimited source of energy. DIFFER develops and supports a national network on fundamental energy research and collaborates closely with the academic community and with industrial partners. DIFFER is based at the campus of the TU Eindhoven.

Diversity, inclusion and multidisciplinary teams

DIFFER believes that a work force diverse in gender, age and cultural background is key to performing excellent research. We consider it important that all our employees, interns and guests feel valued, regardless of their background, sex, age, sexual orientation or (physical) ability. We want to create an environment where everyone feels at home and can bring out the best in themselves. At DIFFER a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise is represented: physicists, chemists, engineers and other specialists work together in multidisciplinary teams inspired to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. Approximately 90 scientist, 40 technical staff members, 30 support staff members and 60 guests and interns work together at DIFFER. The global nature of the energy challenge is apparent from the international representation of our employees, who originate from over 30 different countries.

In January 2018 DIFFER formed a diversity taskforce consisting of one member of the management team, the head of the HRM department, two members of the scientific staff, a member of the works council and an external member. The taskforce monitors our diversity policy and the implementation of the gender equality plan.

Benefits & Rewards

We offer a stimulating work environment in the area of fundamental energy research with excellent employment conditions. DIFFER's employment regulations are codified in the collective labor agreement for the research institutions (Cao-OI). Your salary is supplemented with a holiday allowance of 8% and an end-of year bonus of 8.33%. You will participate in the pension scheme run by the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). With a fulltime contract you will be working 40 hours per week with a formal working week of 38 hours, and you have the right to 338 hours of leave per year.

Work-life balance

DIFFER’s employment conditions contribute to a positive work-life balance. We allow for paid and unpaid parental leave and the possibility of part-time employment, as well as regulations for care and calamity leave. A specific regulation provides the possibility of compensating for childcare costs during business trips. A temporary contract of a researcher can be extended under certain conditions related to private matters, for example due to pregnancy, parental leave or part-time working. In addition, there are regulations for teleworking, the possibility to purchase and sell holiday leave, and flexible work times. All are stimuli for both women and men to combine their private and working lives as well as possible.

DIFFER is housed in a new laboratory since 2015. It is the first lab building in the Netherlands to have a BREEAM Excellent certificate and designed in such way to stimulate interaction between DIFFER employees. The building is listed at the top of the Happy Building Index.

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De Zaale 20, 5612 AJ, Eindhoven

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