About TNO

TNO innovates. At TNO we are concerned with solving the problems of today and tomorrow that yesterday appeared to be unsolvable. Our vision of the future is one in which society is a safe and secure place, with prosperity and wellbeing for everyone. A society in which competitiveness goes hand in hand with sustainability. A society typified by progress.

TNO connects. Together with universities and technological top institutes we develop knowledge that is closely aligned with the very latest international developments. We combine the right areas of expertise, both existing and newly acquired, from different disciplines to achieve the optimum. In this way we make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of industry and help governments and NGOs respond to complex issues.

TNO pushes boundaries. We challenge our people to get the most out of themselves, to devote themselves to realising ideals and to improve the quality of life. And through using applied scientific knowledge for impactful solutions and innovations we contribute to progress. TNO has chosen to focus on five societal themes: INDUSTRY, HEALTHY LIVING, DEFENCE, SAFETY & SECURITY, URBANISATION and ENERGY


Anna van Buerenplein 1, 2595 DA, Den Haag

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