instituut voor de Nederlandse taal (IVDNT)

Institute for the Dutch language

Mission & vision


  • Promoting the knowledge and use of the Dutch language by conducting application-oriented scientific research.
  • Stimulating and coordinating the scientific description of the Dutch vocabulary and grammar in all their variety throughout the centuries.
  • Producing, integrating and disclosing Dutch source material in the form of historical and contemporary corpora, dictionaries, lexical digital databases, grammars, plus all required technological tools.


The Dutch Language Institute aims to be a widely accessible scholarly institute in the field of the Dutch language. In addition, the institute strives to take on a central position in the Dutch-speaking world (the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles), as a developer, keeper and distributor of corpora, lexica, dictionaries and grammars. With these sustainable language resources, all results of scholarly methods, the Dutch Language Institute provides the necessary building blocks of the study of Dutch.


Rapenburg 61, 2311 GJ, Leiden

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