Collaboration 4TU and UG on technological design programs

Joining forces for better education! Proud to announce that 4TU.SAI - EngD programs (4TU.SAI), the 4TU School for Technological Design, will be expanded to include the Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programs of the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen (UG) will start two Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programs 'Autonomous Systems' and 'Sustainable Process Design' with effect from 1 September 2024. This will bring the number of EngD programs and tracks within 4TU.SAI to a total of 20. These two-year, full-time, post-Master's programs lead to technological designers, obtaining the academic degree EngD.

4TU is pleased with this collaboration because, besides the programs being extended in terms of content, it also results in better use of each other's expertise and network.

Discover the new EngD programs at UG:


Switch from PDEng to EngD as of 1 september 2022

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The joint Executive Boards of the 4 TUs decided as of 1 september 2022 to change from the degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) to the degree Engineering Doctorate (EngD) for graduates from the Technological Design or PDEng programs.

Why do we switch the degree?

We change our degree because the Universities of Applied Science in the Netherlands are starting with Professional Doctorate (PD) trajectories. Therefore, we want to avoid confusion between those trajectories and our programs at academic level. The aim is to get the degree EngD at a later stage into Dutch law.

EngD resemble our programs

EngD is used as a degree already in the United Kingdom (UK) for programs that resemble our programs. The national associations for both programs AEngD and 4TU.SAI have been affiliated members since 2012. In the past we agreed that EngD and PDEng were on the same level.

New diplomas & statement

This means that as of 1 September 2022 new diplomas will be available for graduates after that date at the 4TUs. And of course, for graduates before that date a statement will be available explaining the switch.