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Recent timeline posts


Future of Work Conference on staff shortages

  • #psychologicalsciences
  • #sociology

On 27 June the Future of Work conference is held in Utrecht. This year's central theme is staff shortages. 

The conference will be held in Dutch. 


  • Anne van der Put (Sociology)

  • Chris Janssen (Applied psychology) 

  • Maartje de Graaf (Human-Computer Interaction)

  • Marguerite van de Berg (Organisational science. Author: 'Werk is geen oplossing')

Registration will soon be open here.


What do we want (or not want) from publishers? Looking beyond the current Dutch contract with Elsevier

UNL, NFU and NWO are delighted to announce a one-day conference entitled “What do we want (or not want) from publishers? Looking beyond the current Dutch contract with Elsevier” that will take place on Thursday, April 18 2024 in the Domstad Conference Centre, in Utrecht.

The context of the conference is the current Dutch contract with Elsevier, but the theme will be broader. The event will explore the successes and challenges of ‘read and publish’ deals; cooperation with publishers in the field of research information; and how concepts such as ‘digital sovereignty’ play out in relationships with commercial publishers. It is conceived as an open forum to discuss what the academic sector wants from the publishing sector in safeguarding academic values in a just, equitable and open scholarly communication landscape.

Register and read full article here.