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Meet Dutch academic employers

Looking for a PhD or research position in the Netherlands? Register for the Netherlands Recruitment Day, our virtual career fair, on March 23rd and discover your options!

The Netherlands Recruitment Day is an online event for academics worldwide, who have an interest in working in the Netherlands. Dutch universities and research institutes will present themselves and would love to meet with talented researchers.

This is your chance to meet Dutch professors and recruiters.

Learn more and register here


WomenNetPhysics: the first Dutch conference about women working in physics

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Although universities are trying their best to attract more female physics students, still only about one in four students is female. This means that women who choose physics often end up in the minority throughout their careers.

On March 22, Utrecht University will host the very first conference in the Netherlands about women working in physics. WomenNetPhysics is a networking event for anyone interested in the role of women in physics, no matter where you are in your career – whether you're a student, academic, or industry professional.

Read more and register for WomenNetPhysics


Impact through research and education

What is good research and education to you? For us, this means discovering, digging, collaborating, discussing and inspiring. You can judge us by our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes or our world-renowned research facilities such as the HFML-FELIX or the Max Planck Institute. But why not simply judge us by our science? By the knowledge we acquire through interdisciplinary collaboration and by the impact this has on humans and the world. Discover how we contribute to science on Radboud Recharge.

Will you also help make a difference? Contribute to the climate, brain research or cracking unbreakable systems. You have a part to play.

Discover more about working at Radboud University Nijmegen.

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