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The Netherlands Recruitment Day - free registrations is open now

Are you a researcher, master, PhD, postdoc, or (assistant/associate) professor? And would you like to proceed with your career in research or higher education in the Netherlands? Join the Netherlands Recruitment Day on October 1st 2022, and get invited for a 20-minute interview with a Dutch professor or recruiter.


To join our recruitment day and be invited for an interview, you will need to have :

  • An up-to-date English CV and a short personal research statement.

  • A master's degree (or soon obtaining) if you want to start a PhD. If you have a bachelor’s degree you can not participate and can not apply for an interview. 

  • A good level of English, a TOEFL/IELTS certificate (or soon obtained). To communicate with your colleagues you need to have a good level of English. Most Dutch universities require a TOEFL score of 80 and higher or IELTS of 6.5 and higher. All your research can be done in English. It depends on the organisation if you need some Dutch skills too.

Register for free: the Netherlands Recruitment Day on October 1st 2022

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Universities of Applied Sciences

Teaching certificate needed when applying for a lecturer position?

One of the frequently asked questions from applicants is: do I need to have a teaching certificate to apply for a lecturer position at a university of applied sciences?

The answer is: no, a teaching qualification is generally not necessary. In the selection process, the university of applied sciences usually checks whether your competences and professional knowledge match the position. It is important to have work experience in the specific field described in the vacancy.

Lecturers are, however, generally obliged to follow and successfully complete a didactic training course in the first years of their contract at a university of applied sciences. This training is aimed at obtaining the 'Basic Qualification Didactic Skills' (BDB). Obtaining this BDB will cost you a maximum of 300 hours (300 study load hours) in a period of 6 to 12 months, depending on the university. You can follow this training during work hours, as stipulated in the collective labor agreement (article O-4). For some positions a teaching qualification may be required, but then this is stated in the vacancy.


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