Netherlands institute for health services research (NIVEL)

About the Netherlands institute for health services research (NIVEL)

NIVEL, the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, contributes to the body of scientific knowledge about the provision and use of health care services. For this purpose NIVEL carries out research activities on the national and international level on the entanglement between:

  • the need for health care (health status, life style, social environment, norms and attitudes)
  • the supply of health care (volume, capacity, organisational structure, quality and efficacy)
  • health care policy (legislation, regulations, financing and insurance).

Use of our research

NIVEL’s research capacity and expertise are used by many organisations, such as:

  • Governmental bodies (Dutch and foreign ministries, European Commission)
  • Scientific research organisations
  • Organisations representing health care professionals, health care consumers, health care insurance companies

Statutory obligation to publish the results of all its activities

NIVEL’s activities include the collation and publication of existing knowledge and evidence in articles in scientific, professional and policy journals, in reports, bibliographies, reviews, summaries and fact sheets. NIVEL has a statutory obligation to publish the results of all its activities.


Otterstraat 118 – 124, 3513 CR, Utrecht

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