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Phd programmes at Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a world-class university engaged in fundamental and applied research across a broad range of disciplines, from infectious diseases and human rights to climate research and cultural history. Each year, some 300 new PhD candidates begin their research. Around 25% of our PhD candidates come from outside the Netherlands. Utrecht University is home to staff and students from 130 different countries.


Intellectually demanding 

At Utrecht, earning a PhD degree is a hands-on process that involves relatively little coursework. You will conduct research from day one, which allows you to develop your own ideas within the research group’s theme. You will remain in close contact with your supervisors throughout the programme.


Attractive research environment

Utrecht University offers PhD candidates an attractive research environment. The high quality of Utrecht University research is evidenced in excellent scores from research assessments and international rankings. A PhD candidate satisfaction survey shows that PhD’s are positive about their PhD career in Utrecht. PhD candidates give an average satisfaction score of 7.4. It is no wonder that Utrecht University boasts so many researchers who rank among the best in their specific fields of expertise. They will provide inspiring supervisors.

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