Radboud University

A PhD at Radboud University

Radboud University strives to be an international leader in all areas of its research. As a PhD candidate you will make a major contribution to this ambition. Radboud University employs more than 150 PhD candidates each year. These PhD candidates are therefore members of Radboud University staff. They carry out their research at one of the university's eighteen research institutes, and receive their PhD training at the graduate school of the institute. In many cases PhD candidates also teach. They are appointed for an average of four years, but often extend their work on their theses until after this period.

Look at our website for more information about a PhD at Radboud University and our PhD vacancies.

At the Radboud University it is also possible to start your PhD research as an external PhD candidate. How to become such an PhD is explained on the website of external PhD candidates.